Latest news: See the farms bloom

August 2018

Fertilizer distributed to more than 2.500 farmers in 2018

During the latest disbursement day, we doubled the number of farmers that have being distributed fertilizer between March and August 2018.
In 2018 overall, we distributed 540 tons of fertilizer to over 2500 coffee smallholders. Compared to the overall fertilizer Ugandan consumption (estimated at around 55,000 tons per year in 2016) NKG Bloom is contributing 1% of the Ugandan fertilizer consumption!


It is also estimated that the majority of the fertilizer used in Uganda is going to the big sugar cane and tea plantations. World Bank statistics estimate the average usage of fertilizer in Uganda is 2.1kg per ha (just for comparison, it is 202kg per ha in Germany). This fertilizer enables smallholder to double their coffee income in less than 2 years. And with adding the mobile money component, we enable farmers to get rid of middle men and get a fair price for their coffee.


We keep on working hard to support even more farmers in the upcoming year!


March 2018

Farmer harvests 6-7 kg cherries per coffee tree instead of 2 kg

In 2014, 39 year-old Mukabera Rose decided to take charge of her life again and left her abusive husband.  She started making a living through her 2 acres of planted coffee, pigs and chickens. In August 2017, she took 120 USD in mobile money advance, which she used to pay for school fees and buy cow dung to fertilize her orange trees. For the first time in her life she did not have to go to the local coyote to access cash for this critical need. 

Through NKG Bloom, she applied chemical fertilizer in March and August 2017 to her coffee trees for the first time in her life and could harvest 6-7 kg cherries per coffee tree instead of 2 kg without applying fertilizer. That's an immense improvement. Keep it up, Mukabera! 


December 2017

Farmer estimates that his production has increased
by 200%

Genza Simon is 27 years old and supports a family of 7 persons. He owns 500 coffee trees on an area of 1.5 acres and had never used fertilizer before he started participating in NKG Bloom nine months ago. 

After his successful application he received a fertilizer advance of 100 g per tree in March and 100 g per tree in August. Now it is main coffee harvest season and he estimates his coffee production per tree has tripled from 2 kg  to 6 kg. That is a 200% increase in less than a year - we are impressed!


October 2017

Meet one of the customers of our Farmer Financing Unit (FFU)

Rajab Kiwanuka has participated in NKG Bloom for the last two seasons and has already sold 17.087kgs of kiboko (dried coffee cherries) to the DC. By now, he has borrowed 500kgs of CAN and 500kgs of NPK fertilizer for his farm measuring 10 acres as well as approx. $600 in cash. We are looking forward to see more farms bloom and farmers smile like Rajab!



September 2017

NKG Bloom officially launched
in Hamburg

On Thursday, September 14th, all partners of NKG Bloom met in the headquarters of Neumann Kaffee Gruppe in Hamburg for the official kick-off of NKG Bloom. The event was opened by David M. Neumann (Managing Partner of Neumann Gruppe GmbH) followed by several partners and
stake-holders in the presence of the Ambassador of the Republic of Uganda, J.M. Muhindo. Speakers representing their companies or organisations presented their individual shares in NKG Bloom, what challenges they faced so far and why they continued to be very enthusiastic about the programs’ success. Catalina Eikenberg, Head of Sustainability at Bernhard Rothfos, confirmed this enthusiasm by bringing the first positive results and lessons learned.


The presentations were followed by a Q&A session and a demonstration cupping, after which all guests had the opportunity to get to know each other over a light dinner and drinks.




August 2017

Second fertilizer disbursement succeeded

From 15th to 17th August, representatives of Yara and Ibero Uganda has been disbursed the next Yara fertilizers, reaching 493 farmers at seven DC's.  Around 200 farmers in a pilot DC also have access to cash advances which they can request through their mobile phones, using a USSD code and mobile money.

July 2017

One of our participating farmers

This is Haawa Namusoke. She has 2.5 acres of planted coffee and supports a family of 5. She is the head of household. She took an advance of 300 kg of Yara fertilizer and approximately $100 in cash from us in March.

June 2017

The first coffee will be
harvested soon

After the first fertilizer application in March, the coffee is growing very well and is ready to harvest soon.

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June 2017

Mobile Money Cash Advance
is ready to use

Together with the Ibero Farmer Financing Unit team the first farmers are testing our mobile money cash advance request by dialing a USSD code.

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May 2017

General Assembly in Nabumbugu

A couple days ago, we held a general assembly in Nabumbugu to introduce our products to the farmers. It is the first DC where we have disbursed fertilizer and cash to so far.

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